Krav Maga Elbow

Self-Defense — The Elbows Have It

One thing you will learn in self-defence classes is how to effectively use your elbows. The elbows are one of the most effective weapons that you have — if you know how to use them right.

First, elbows can be used for defence against strikes. Our natural response is to defend areas of our bodies, such as our faces, with our hands. This is a mistake. Put your hands up like you are ready to fight, but when the blow is coming towards you, raise your elbow to ward it off.

Next, use your elbows to do damage. An elbow strike in the face hurts your assailant much more than a fist. The elbow has a large, hard, sharp bone, and it can simply do more damage than your hands can. An elbow in the throat, or even in the ribs can also be quite effective.

You can put a great deal of force behind an elbow strike, without giving your assailant a clue as to what you are about to do. To strike with your fists with any effect, one must draw back, and then strike. An elbow, however, doesn’t require you to draw back. It only requires you to move quickly — and with force.

Elbow for Krav MagaIdeally, you want to disable your attacker to the point where he cannot breathe, see, or chase you. To do this, use all of your force to strike him in the solar plexis with the sharp point of your elbow. Come down hard — with your heel only — on the top of the instep of his foot, and if possible, gouge his eyes.

Strike quickly, and as hard as possible. Remember that your attacker isn’t simply going to stand there and let you get the best of him. You may only get one chance to strike before running away — take that chance, and take it with all of the force that you can muster — with your elbows.

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