James McEvoy on why he does Krav Maga Classes“For a while now I have been looking for Krav Maga classes, but could not find somewhere local or that was so welcoming.

The reason for me doing Krav Maga may not be the same for others. But having three daughters and my lovely wife who I adore and cherish and their well being is important to me. They are the reason I get up for work and do my best at what I do.

For me to be able to keep them safe in current society and have the tools to help keep them be safe should a situation arrive, I needed to learn something that could work in real life. It isn’t just for my daughters future boyfriends (which isn’t a bad idea), it is so I can show them some moves to help them in a self defence situation also. But I wanted to improve my fitness a little more as life creeps up on me.

After finding the beginners course offered by Total Dojo I was excited (like a child at Christmas) but also nervous. Sadly I missed the first one due to a work commitment, but at the beginning of 2017 I started one with Total Dojo.

James McEvoy with coach Paul Gornall

Everyone was so welcoming. The other students I started with were also nervous, but our worries weresoon put to rest after meeting Paul Gornall (our teacher). He is so calm, patient and very knowledgable about martial arts. A true gentleman. We also met Stuart Harris who is also a master at what he does, his experiences with teaching and training are second to non.

They both are so calm and friendly, which is key to the friendly welcoming environment.

The warm up: During the first sessions we all really felt we were going to die, (due to fitness levels really) but we also felt awesome. Week by week we were learning and improving constantly. We all grew as a group and individuals.

The full course: After completing the beginners course I was asked if I wanted to do the full time one….. I must admit I was a little nervous.. but I loved the team feeling and friendly atmosphere so much I couldn’t say no.

Oh boy the warm up for the full course was hard work…. it was like my first day all over again….. the other newbies also felt the strain….. but after the first two glasses I stopped dying and started looking forward to the warm ups.

So much so that I started going twice a week. I am fitter now then I have been in a long time. I feel more confident when out walking my dog on my own and I also feel safer and much more aware of people when out with my family.

I have made friends and got to know people who I wouldn’t have met before, this is such a great thing as they have grown with me along the way.

The classes are more than a fitness or martial art for me. As it is a release from work, home and also from my mind. It’s a place I can just be me… The team I now feel part of are such a mix of people that it keeps the group dynamic fresh as well.

James Self Defence

Thank you for

teaching me and taking the time to sculpt me into a much fitter and more patient person. These have been important parts I have needed to work on for my self.”